Saturday, 2 Dec 2023

9 Tips for Becoming a Better Golfer

When it comes to improving your golf game, many people assume that big changes such as joining a club, hiring a professional coach, buying new clubs are the only ways to achieve better results. There are smaller yet effective ways to enhance your gaming skills without spending a lot of money or time. Here are nine tips to consider:

  1. Get your eyes checked.

Even if you wear glasses, routine eye checkups help your game. Clear vision is important for aiming to coordinate your hands and club. It also helps with “eye teaming,” which is how well your eyes work together. This is crucial for good depth perception. Know more about indoor golf simulator

  1. Get a putter that fits you.

Many golfers don’t use putters that are the right length for them. A study found that two-thirds of golfers don’t fit the standard length of 35 inches. Using a putter that fits you well can make a big difference in your putting game.

  1. Hold your pose after every shot.

Whether you’re putting, chipping, hitting from a bunker, or driving, try to finish your swing in a good position. This indicates that your swing was probably well-timed, had a good rhythm, and the speed was right. Focusing on a good finish position can greatly improve your ball-striking.

  1. Practice with your worst ball.

To become a more well-rounded player, try the Worse Ball drill. Play two balls from every position, using only your worst shot, until you finish the hole. This helps you handle tough situations and improves your ability to make tricky shots.

  1. Practice pitching sidearm.

Imagine you’re a sidearm pitcher and throw a tennis ball against a wall. Notice how your body moves. This motion is similar to your golf swing. Practicing this can help synchronize your body, arms, and club for better drives.

  1. Walk more on the course.

Walking helps you stay more connected to the game. It gives you time to calm down after a shot and plan your next move. You can also appreciate the beauty of the surroundings.

  1. Stretch your hamstrings.

Short and tight hamstrings can affect your golf swing and lead to injuries. Stretching them regularly can help. Try lying on your back and extending one leg up a doorframe. You can also balance on one leg and lean forward while extending the other leg behind you.

  1. Swing at home.

Practicing doesn’t always require going to a golf course. Taking 100 practice swings a day at home can increase your strength, flexibility, and awareness of your club’s position.

  1. Have a plan at the range.

When you’re at the range, don’t just swing randomly. Pick a target and use different clubs for each shot. This helps simulate on-course situations and prevents the forming of bad habits.

These tips can help you improve your golf game without making big investments in time or money. Try incorporating them into your practice routine and see how they work for you!