Thursday, 24 Nov 2022

All You Need To Know About The Fantasy Cricket League

One epidemic that never ceases in our country is the widespread cricket fever, the only sport played and enjoyed by people of all sections of society irrespective of their age. Entire Asia has this crazy inclination towards this international sport which was invented in England. Do you know that you can also play fantasy cricket online and earn money?

Regarding the World Cup, fans leave no stone unturned to hype up and support India’s team, so they bring home the trophy. Although the World cup is a recurring event that happens every four years involving the teams of several countries, the level of anticipation and excitement Indians have is unmatchable with their counterparts. With the cricket t20 world cup going on and the next world cup to be hosted by India in 2023, the fun meter for cricket fans will be soaring consistently.

Now, as we brace ourselves for the subsequent victory, let’s also learn about the rules involving the fantasy league, the online gaming tournament of cricket where you can select players of your choice and construct a virtual dream team of yours. Here the scores are evaluated depending on the real-life performances of the players.

This trend of playing cricket fantasy league started in the year 2015. Since then, it has empowered millions of cricket enthusiasts to showcase their knowledge of the sport and build teams that would help them to earn rewards. Join any fantasy sports platform that allows you the liberty to choose from a wide variety of talented players worldwide, unlike the other franchise-based leagues. Each player here has a designated virtual value and a specified role depending upon their real-life performance in different aspects like batting, bowling, and fielding. According to the rule, up to 6 players can be selected from a single team, and it is played in two modes, Tournament mode and Match mode.

In the beginning, you get 100 credit points to invest in your selected players and form your desired team. In tournament mode, you can play the entire series by selecting ample players as a substitute. Once it ends, you can collect the rewards altogether. In the match mode of this fantasy contest, however, you can select the virtual team for a day for a particular match and collect the rewards daily. Still, for this mode, you must follow a selection order with a minimum of 4 batters, two bowlers, an all-rounder, and a wicketkeeper.

The T20 world cup league is very popular among fantasy leagues. The reason behind this is the format of T20 tournaments being played in many countries other than India, like Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. There is a growing craze about some of the leading sports apps which provide a surreal experience to their users and help them earn virtual rewards and cash prizes. Some people consider these fantasy cricket apps the source of gambling, but little do they understand that it requires adequate skills and strong knowledge of cricket rather than just depending on the luck factor.

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