Sunday, 27 Nov 2022

British Heavy Boxer Tommy Welch Feels Great and Ready to Fight

Injuries kept him out of the ring but he seems optimistic about the future. Tommy Welch, a British boxer, has vowed to take a shot at the big titles in the coming months. 

The heavyweight boxer hasn’t had enough time to fight, as his hand injuries have kept him out of action. However, the record of 8-0 speaks for itself. Moreover, his return to the ring has been great. 

Tommy Is Just Getting Ready

His recent fight against Jorge Sevilla Acosta was proof enough of his might and optimism. The inaction has been his enemy throughout the year, as his win against Acosta was his year’s second fight only. However, he now prepares to become a highlight of sports news in the coming days.

The good news is that Tommy is happy with his performance and thinks he is moving forward well. The injury that had kept him out of the ring for so long seemed to have healed, as in his own words he said that his, “hand felt amazing”.

Slow Progress Is Good Progress

His boxing match against Acosta wasn’t a quick knockout, but Tommy feels that’s exactly what he needs i.e. more rounds. Tommy’s win against the recent opponent was celebrated by his father, who was grateful for having several rounds. 

While both the father and son seem passionate to prepare for big title fights, they don’t want to call any specific names out. The first plan of action for the father and son would be to get more action in the circle.

Having more fights will prepare them for the title shots. The recent fight against the Mexican was great practice for Tommy who thought he had to throw more punches to win against his opponent than he normally would against other players. 

The Big Plan

The British boxer now plans to have at least half a dozen fights in the ring in the coming 12 months before he is fully ready to fight the big players. 

The strength that he needs to keep going came from his fans. Tommy was happy that there were fans at the venue cheering for him. With no defeats in 8 fights to date, Tommy Welch could definitely be a threat to the top players in the game in the Heavyweight class. 


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