Wednesday, 24 Nov 2021

Skateboarding Safety Guide


Skateboarding has been a rising sport last two decades; it has become the 3rd most significant sport in the US. Young men and women have a great interest in skateboarding because of its fun factor. It is essential to practice it safely by wearing all protective gear. It acts like a workout that is good for keeping the rider fit and healthy. So to get all the benefits of skateboarding, you have to do it with great care.

This article is the ultimate guide for skateboarding with secure methods. If you want to start skateboarding, it will provide you with deep info on the sector that helps you. Let’s dive deep into the blog.

Occurrence of Injury

The growing communities know the dangers of skateboarding for skateboarders and the things around them. It is the reason that they build stake parks where the skateboards do skating under supervision. These areas are away from the rush of vehicles and are specifically designed for skating. Skateboarding allows moving on hard surfaces, so you might face injuries that can be minor or very serious. The US has more than 50 thousand visits to emergency centers after skateboarding injuries. And there are many of the kids in it.

Most injuries on the head might heal quickly, but they can cause pain and need your time and money to recover. But severe head injuries can lead to loss of sight, hearing and make you unstable. So do follow the recommendations.

  • Parents should not buy a cheap skateboard, they should always buy the best quality skateboards for their kids.
  • Children less than five years should not go skateboarding without proper safety equipments.
  • Children with 6 to 10 years should try skateboarding under the supervision of professionals.
  • Skateboarding is an excellent risk for youngsters because they get severe injuries. It is because they have a higher gravity center, poor balance, and lower development.
  • The youngsters have less coordination, so they might not be able to break the falls.
  • Most of the street skaters also proved dangerous for the pedestrians and vehicles on the road. And most of them are kids’ skaters, that is why kids should not do skating.
  • The adults can also face falls and injuries, but they have to be ready for them and take precautionary measures to prevent serious injuries. It would help if you did it as follows.
  • You have to begin skateboarding when you have complete skills and can easily control your board. Otherwise, you might fail to maintain your balance that can lead to frequent severe or minor injuries.
  • Before starting, you have to wear all your protective gear, like knee pads, helmets, gloves, and good-quality shoes. A good quality helmet is a great source to prevent head injuries.
  • You have to maintain your skateboard. If it is in bad condition, then you have to refinish it. You should first check it for any disorders like the wheels or bearings. Repair the part causing the problem; if not solved, then replace it with some other. If the board’s deck is damaged, it might be a reason for your fall, so it is better to buy a new board.
  • If you are not experienced enough, be sure not to skate on uneven surfaces, it can cause danger. You do not try to attempt the tricks that are beyond your reach. Keep practicing to make a balance, and when you do it, you can start some other tricks and stunts, but you should give each step some time to make it your strength.

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