Sunday, 3 Dec 2023

What is Scratch in Pool?

When it comes to pool, scratch is both simple and complicated. A scratch occurs after hitting a ball in a manner, which is not legal under the traditional pool rules. This may happen in many ways, and even great pool players have scratched pools before.

So what is a scratch in pool?

Scratch is basically an official way to call a foul. But this is not all there is to the term. That is where things start getting a little complicated, and rules concerning scratch are not simple to understand, particularly for beginners.

The rules concerning scratches might be sorted into various categories. Most individuals misuse this term as a blanket statement. Though there are differences based on what caused the scratch.

Types of Pool Scratch

The foul penalty depends on the kind of foul committed. So it is imperative that before you award opponents the win of a rack, it would be a great idea to confirm they are eligible for it. In general, the following are types of pool scratch:

  • Table scratches
  • Break scratches

Rules for Scratch in Pool

Scratch foul rules vary a lot. Even two groups of pool players shooting at adjacent tables might be playing by dissimilar rules. Because of that, it will be a great idea to agree upon the common rules before the game even begins. This ascertains that every player is on the same page.

One of the common rules includes break scratch. If players scratch on a break, it means there will just be one result of that foul. Opposing players get cue ball-in-hand behind a head string. In unofficial circles, scratches on break are basically an automatic loss. Though it is not a common practice.

Another common rule is gameplay scratch. When players pocket a cue ball, there are two outcomes coming from this foul, the first being ball-in-hand. Opponents of players who scratched usually get to place the ball on the table before taking a shot. The goal of this is to deter every player from scratching so as to hinder the performance of opponents.

When Happen If You Scratch

There will be different results when scratching on the break as well as scratching on the 9 ball or 8 ball. This may signal the end of a turn and the beginning of an opponent’s turn.

Opponents can be offered a ball in hand. In terms of a pool scratch placement, this means they can place their cue ball anywhere and continue playing in that position.

Consequences of Scratch in Pool

The consequences normally of a scratch in the pool solely depend on a set of rules governing your game.

Generally, when you ball in a pool hall or bar, it would be likely that you will use bar rules. Those rules show that your opponents have to place the ball in the kitchen as well as take the next shot from that point.

Sometimes, this is a disadvantage to a player who suffered this foul. It shows the person is being purchased.

Final Say!

Irrespective of the pool scratch, either accidental or intentional, it can give offenders a disadvantage of having a point deduction or losing a turn from the overall score. Whichever game you play, you don’t want to scratch as it can cost you the entire game.