Saturday, 31 Jul 2021

3 Ways To Spend a Relaxing Outdoor Weekend

3 ways to utilize your outdoor space for National Relaxation Day!

The weekend holds a special place in most people’s lives because it is a time to get away from the daily grind and participate in activities with family and friends. You can unwind, relax, or sit quietly – doing just what you want to do. Here are three ideas on how you can spend your outdoor weekend.

  1. Hiking

No matter where you live, you can trek outdoors through a park, along a hillside, or up a mountain. If you are fortunate to live near a forest or close to a beach, commit to walking along the trails or water instead of on your treadmill. The sights and sounds of nature will improve your mental health, increase your dopamine levels, and decrease your stress.

  1. Fishing

Fishing may look boring to some people, but to others, the time alone standing silently in the sun is close to heaven. With quality rods and reels Toronto fishing poles, you can cast for hours as you soak in the vitamin D and boost your immune system.  What can be more relaxing than listening to a river flowing over nearby rocks as you pull your dinner from the depths of the water?

  1. Boating

The draw of playing with toys on the water is not limited to children. There are kayaks, jet skis, paddle-boards, and surfboards for everyone to enjoy. However, the most popular adult water toy is the boat. Choose sails or use a motor, the rocking waves hitting the side of the craft relaxes and lulls even the tensest of individuals. Not only that, being on the water with friends is fun.

Spending time in nature is about more than wildlife, rolling hills, or forest trails. Your body benefits in many ways as you take a few hours a week to soak in the sun and give your mental stress a long and welcome break.


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