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A Tennis Court Windscreens – Guide for buying

Tennis court windscreen provides a dark background in the court that helps the players to react to the ball without any disturbance like gusts of wind or glare. It also presents a refined and pleasing appearance. Using a windscreen eliminates off-court distractions.

The two types of windscreen are open or closed mesh windscreen. The open mesh windscreen has a density of 75-85% of opacity, whereas the close mesh has 95% of opacity. The closed mesh increases your privacy, whereas the open mesh has other issues such as chances in wind damage and less privacy.


There are various materials available for the windscreen. You can stick to your choice according to your requirement of the facility.

  • Polypropylene – It contains high tear strength compared to other materials. It is economical than other types of material.
  • Vinyl Coated Polyester – VCP comes in various colours, and customized logos can be printed on it. It is resistant to water, UV rays, and mildew.
  • Solid Vinyl – It offers complete wind blockage, durable, and privacy. It can be used to print customized logos.
  • Vipol Matrix – It contains more than 50% of micro-fibres than the usual vinyl, and it is tear-proof.


When you look for a tennis court windscreen, you must ensure the height of the court. Decide how you want to hang the windscreen. The common height for the windscreen is usually 6 or 9’ H. The windscreen must be kept in the centre. The height of the windscreen must be higher if the tennis court is near to the swimming pool or open ground to safeguard from the wind. The height must be lesser if the court is located in a densely populated facility.


Lengths of the windscreen are available up to 150’. But it is strongly recommended to go below 60’ for easy maintenance and installation.


A vent is used to prevent wind damage in the court. The vent allows passing the wind without disturbing the fence and increasing the durability. The vents are available in half moon, square, and rectangle shapes.


Windscreen usually comes with two colours, dark green and black. Some windscreens are open in 15 colours. In addition to it, customization colours can also be done with the respective orders with logos of the team.

Tips On Selecting A Tennis Court Windscreen

  • The measurements of the windscreen must be accurate.
  • Always recommend a 9’ H screen.
  • Ensure to diagram the court.
  • Always measure the inside area of the fence.
  • Installation of Windscreen to the court

Installing a windscreen in the tennis court is an easy task. You may need two people to install the windscreen. The supplies that are attached to the windscreen will be different. The supplies can be S hook, hog ties, tie wraps, or lacing cord.

Place in proper storage if you remove the windscreens and also it is wise to label it and draw the tennis court layout as it saves time during reinstallation. Using windscreen allows even airflow, increases reaction time in the game, and blocks the gusty wind inside the court. The windscreen provides better ball visibility. Select a windscreen with a warranty period and tear-proof. Look for a windscreen with more than 5-year warranty period. If the installation is improper, then the warranty is voided.

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