Monday, 23 Nov 2020

Get More Benefit From Riding Horses

Horses can bring a good deal of joy into your life. Riding horses can be rewarding and a great way to spend some free time. You may be lucky enough to have horses of your own, or even access to some you can ride. Don’t let it become mundane – there are so many ways to make it even more enjoyable.

Get Some Exercise

Riding not only does the horse a lot of good, but the rider can see definite benefits as well. Increase  your suppleness, stability, and stamina. Even your mindset can be improved as you roam the countryside in the fresh air. Riding involves muscle groups throughout the core, shoulders and arms. The pelvis muscles, such as the obliques, the piriformis and the iliacus. The gluteus maximus and medius help with the way the hip rolls.

Dress the Part

If riding horses is done for work, such as on a farm or ranch, then you may wish to wear some jeans with some stretch and some worn-in boots with a high top to keep you clean. A warm jacket that can act as a windbreaker, or keep you dry in the rain is essential. For dressier occasions, why not choose a show coat and some great riding breeches from equestrian apparel for sale.

Equestrian Therapy

Children and others who have experience mental or substance abuse, or who have some level of autism can benefit greatly from riding. It can help relax the body and calm the mind, increase socialization and build trust. This can help clients overcome mental and emotional issues and begin to feel whole again. It can also have some mood-enhancing properties as serotonin is produced and the beneficial hormone floods the mind.

In addition, as the mind has time and space to think and meditate on issues that may be bothersome, you may develop problem solving skills and learn to explore alternatives to concerning issues. As you can see, riding horses is not just for the horses.

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