Monday, 10 May 2021

Host Fundraisers that are Actually Fun

It happens to almost every parent at some point: your child is involved in a group that needs to raise money. You can start a social media campaign or sell candy, but you would prefer something a little more original. Here are some ways to raise significant amounts of cash, and put the fun back in fundraising.

Golf Tournaments

You may not know a birdie from a bogey, but you know that golfers are willing to spend money to play. It should not surprise you that golf tournament contests can bring in thousands for your charity. Golfers are often happy to support local causes and will pay premium prices to enter. Golf tournaments often include exciting extras that players will not find during a routine round of golf, such as putting and chipping contests for prizes. You do not have to manage the fundraiser; the right company can handle all the details for you.

Food Truck Events

If you have access to a large parking lot, invite local food trucks to congregate there on a specific night. You can charge vendors a fee for the spot, ask for a portion of their profits, or both. The success of the event depends on your advertising. Generate more excitement and attract larger crowds by combining the food truck event with another attraction. Wash cars, conduct a garage sale or follow dinner with an outdoor movie. Local bands may be willing to put on a concert, turning the event into a festival that will draw more attention and attendees.


Every community has dedicated runners, general fitness enthusiasts and families who like to walk together. Charge a nominal entry fee and supply t-shirts or ribbons as prizes. You can host several races in a day, including 5k, 10k and obstacle runs. Contact local running clubs, gyms and sporting goods stores to help you market your event. Some may even sponsor the event or provide race bibs, a finish line and route markers. If you route the races through the community, your event can raise money and heighten awareness for your cause.


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